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Help simplify the life of those you care for. 

As health care professionals and caregivers, we know the challenges of trying to help our patients take their medications correctly. We’ve tried writing notes, setting alarms, calling or arranging for others to check on the patient when they are supposed to take their oral and respiratory medications. After 27 years of working in health care, we recognized that there were aides to help people take their pills, but nothing on the market to help them to follow their nebulizer programs.  That’s when we decided to develop the NebTray. It’s a simple, yet effective way to help patients help themselves in taking their nebulizer  medications accurately.  


The NebTray is as easy to use as the pill trays. The days of the week are arranged at the top in the same manner as the oral medication boxes. On the left side is space to write the time of the day and the names of the medications. The construction of the individual nebulizer holes keep the medications in place yet allows the patient to easily grasp the vials when needed.        


We found that using the NebTray significantly reduced the amount of visits to the emergency room and the need for re-hospitalizations. Patient’s felt the physical benefits of adhering to their breathing treatments and the peace of mind knowing they had done it correctly.

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